Financialization has profoundly altered the environment in which workers live, work and struggle. The increasing weight of finance and financial engineering has severed the link between wages and productivity and undermined collective bargaining, resulting in decades of wage stagnation and rising inequality. How do unions organize and bargain in a world where job slashing, closures, divestment, mergers and private equity buyouts are preferred routes to boosting profits, and workers and their workplaces are considered disposable? The IUF has been mapping and analyzing these changes as part of the process of organizing the fight back.

Key Developments

Breakthrough in Greece? Austerity and solidarity


Greece will hold parliamentary elections on January 25 and Syriza, the left-wing party which has consistently called for debt restructuring...

Austerity rewards corporate tax evasion


While the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF wrangle over precisely how many more Greek workers must...

Portuguese Workers Strike Against Austerity


The 24-hour national strike called jointly by the Portuguese trade union confederations UGTP and CGTP halted public services and factories...