Since 1980, IUF Congresses have unanimously adopted resolutions reaffirming the principles of equal opportunities for men and women:

  • Equal rights and access to decent employment, training and professional advancement;
  • Equal pay for work of equal value;
  • The right to combine work and family responsibilities;
  • Fair representation of women in decision-making bodies at all levels of trade unions (local, national, regional, international) according to the rules of the IUF;
  • The right to be Safe at work, Safe at home.

Patricia Alonso

Chair, Women's Committee

IUF Contact

Julie Duchatel

E: [email protected]

ILO Convention 190

Campaign for the ratification of C190 and the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work.

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IUF Action Program for Equality

The IUF Action Programme for Equality 2017-2022 guides our equality related policies and actions since it was adopted by the IUF Women’s Conference and IUF Congress in 2017.

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